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Blind Date with a Book!

During this Valentine’s Day season, we’d like to “fix you up” with a blind date! (It’s a book, of course – we ARE a…

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Google Doodle Contest

Ever notice that Google’s logo changes pretty frequently? Depending on the day, you may discover that the logo is an interactive game, a commemorative…

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New Books!

OUR JANUARY BOOK ORDER HAS ARRIVED!  (And there was much rejoicing!)  Check out the reviews below to find your next favorite book!

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Magic Night: January Edition

The US Library will be hosting the January edition of Magic Night on Wednesday, January 22nd, from 6-8PM.  Whether you’re a total n00b or…

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2014 Library Updates!

While you’ve been on vacation spending your days sleeping on the couch, the library has been busy evolving to become even more awesome than…

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The US Library has been fortunate to get a pair of Google Glass through the Explorer program. Over the past week, I’ve been able…

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Author Visit: Adam Gidwitz

Adam Gidwitz, author of A Tale Dark and Grimm, In a Glass Grimmly, and The Grimm Conclusion, was on campus yesterday to meet with…



REJOICE! WINTER BREAK IS NIGH!   What better way to spend your car rides, plane rides, and sleigh rides – not to mention your…

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GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS! Our November book order has arrived, and we have TWENTY AWESOME NEW TITLES on the shelves! Check out the reviews below…

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Do you have used LEGOs taking up space in your house?   Wouldn’t they be happier as free-range, cage-free LEGOs? Free to roam the…