Cardboard Challenge + Magic Night = Great Week


Last week was busy in the Upper School Library!

On Wednesday, we had our first MakerSpace Evening Event: The Global Cardboard Challenge! And it. was. AWESOME. We spent over two hours imagining, planning, prototyping, cutting, and building things with cardboard. When it was all over, participants had built a wallet, a monocle, an owl, a battle ax, sword, and shield, and several suits of armor!

We even got replies from Nirvan Mullick (Caine’s Arcade filmmaker!) and the Imagination Foundation!

The next night was our first Magic the Gathering event of the year. Over twenty-five Planeswalkers joined us for two hours of dueling for mastery of the Multiverse.

Next month will be just as busy, as we host a MakerSpace Evening Event dedicated to ROBOTS on November 12th, and our second Magic Night on November 5th. Mark your calendars! :)


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