2014 Library Updates!

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While you’ve been on vacation spending your days sleeping on the couch, the library has been busy evolving to become even more awesome than ever before.

This is you on vacation.


The evolution of the US Library: From Awesome to Awesomer.

Very quickly, here are three updates:

1. As I mentioned in assembly this morning, we will be repurposing the library classroom space over the next month or so to house a new learning & innovation lab. Students and faculty will be invited to explore new tools, such as 3D printing, and new skills, such as computer programming, robotics, and video projects. I will keep you posted on the progress of this exciting new development!

2. The US library has partnered with Harvard University’s Library Innovation Lab to offer a simple but powerful new service called Awesome Box. If you’ve just read or listened to an AWESOME BOOK from the library, don’t return it to the normal book drop. Instead, put it in the new Awesome Box located on the circulation desk. I will add it to the Awesome Returns list, which can be found here:

So next time you are looking for a good book recommendation, check out Country Day’s Awesome Box returns for some great ideas! (PS. If you’re on Twitter, each of the Awesome Box returns automatically gets tweeted at the @GCDSlibrary account!)

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