The US Library has been fortunate to get a pair of Google Glass through the Explorer program. Over the past week, I’ve been able to experiment with its unique user interface, voice commands, and hands-free interaction. While there’s no question that they are really awesome, I think they’re particularly interesting because they represent the beginning of what will no doubt become a new trend in wearable technology. Smart watches are already available. Personal activity monitors like Fuel, JawBone, or FitBit are making it easier to track your physical activity throughout the day, etc.

Google Glass enables you to interact with your device without looking down at your phone or tablet. It gives you the ability to capture moments of your day from a first-person perspective, and then easily share it all with your social media contacts. Using voice command, you can search the internet for images, translations, or information. In short, Glass is Google’s attempt to bring you and your computer closer together.

Check out this short TED video about Glass by Sergey:

Glass deconstructed.


I think the potential for Glass is off the charts. How will people use it to make the world a better place? How can they be used to help people with disabilities? And what will Glass look like in a year? 2 years? TEN YEARS? These are exciting times!

If you’re interested in trying Glass out, swing by the library – I’ll be happy to let you explore with them! :)

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